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Application (Scholarships)

The application procedure for admission to CGS is online only! Since your registration as an applicant and your application form are submitted in one document, it is essential for you to read this entire section carefully so that you do things in the proper order. Note that you will not be able to change your data once it has been submitted.

Application procedure starts December 15.

The deadline for all applications is March 15, at 12pm (midnight).

Interviews with selected candidates will be conducted in  Early April. Interviews may be conducted via SKYPE during the application period, if the application material is complete

Application procedure:

Step 1: Submit Application and Registration Form. Do not send any other materials until requested to do so!

Step 2: Submit Supplementary Application Materials as requested by CGS.


Application Materials

After you have registered, you will be asked to submit your application forms. These should include:

  • A cover letter with a clear statement of your motivation and your research interest
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A list of possible dissertation topics with a short explanation of each
  • Abitur-Zeugnis (for German residents only)
  • Scans of official academic transcripts
  • Scan of your last degree awarded
  • Two recommendations to be filled out on-line and submitted directly to CGS by two referees
  • For applicants in Economics GRE or GMAT (with the exception of applicants for Sociology and Political Science) (TM-Wiso for Cologne students)

We will only consider complete applications. Applicants should also inform their referees about the deadline. On March 31, at midnight the online platform will be closed and no further recommendations will be possible.

Note: Non-European students please provide us with your original grade and indicate the equivalent according to the German system (German system: 1=very good, 2=good, etc.) 

GRE or GMAT is mandatory for all applying for Economics or Management. Cologne students may submit a TM-Wiso.  There will be no exceptions. Applicants applying for Political Science or Sociology do not need a GRE or GMAT.  All applicants need to document very good English skills, since the teaching language in most cases is English. Please refrain from contacting us about this via email. Thank you for your understanding.

Applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam need to provide a scanned original certificate of the Academic Evaluation Centre of your respective German Embassy.



For Referees

You have been asked by an applicant to the Cologne Graduate School in Management, Economics and Social Sciences to write a letter of recommendation. Please refer to the applicant's Registration Code as stated in the e-mail you will receive from us once the application process has started. The deadline for all recommencations is March 15, midnight!


Note: CGS will not accept paper application or any other unsolicited material. Please refrain from contacting us directly about the status of your application. You will be notified in due time. Thank you.


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