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Practical information

The conference will take place at the Thyssen Foundation in the heart of Cologne, on September 2 to 4, 2018.

1. Accomodation:

Cologne is a Trade Fair City. Hotels are hard to book at all times of the year. We have reserved some rooms at the folloging hotels: www.xii-apostel-koeln.de and https://www.hopper.de/14-1-Art-Hotel-Belgisches-Viertel-Koeln-Cologne.html

We have set the booking keyword "EDAMBA" at both hotels. As a participant, you can refer to this keyword, so that you will also receive a room from the contingent.

Both hotels are conveniently located and are quite nice. Of course, you can always book your own using one of the well-known booking sites.

Please note that the rooms at Hotel XII Apostel will only be held until June 30 2018 and at Hotel Hopper only until July 5 2018. After this period all participants need to book their own hotel.

2. Public transportation:

Tickets will be provided by us.