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Course Program

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The core element of the Graduate School is a compulsory interdisciplinary course program consisting of courses on multidisciplinary methods and theories as well as subject-specific courses.

Research Seminars allowing students to present their papers are also part of the program. In addition, soft skill courses on "Academic Writing", "Teaching Skills", etc. will be offered.



CGS offers a broad number of doctoral courses in all areas of the WiSo Faculty.  PhD students can choose from a broad number of PhD courses.

For general doctoral regulations consult §5 Paragraph 1 of the doctorate regulations 2008 ( PDF Promotionsordnung 2008)  and the new regulations of 2015 ( PDF Promotionsordnung 2015) of the WiSo-Faculty. First and foremost, we advise you to consult with your supervisor about your choice of courses. All courses offered at the WiSo-Faculty you will find listed in the  KLIPS (Cologne Course Directory). An overview of all doctoral courses you can also find here.