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2013 (Volume 4)

Sebastian J. Goerg / Jan Meise / Gari Walkowitz / Eyal Winter:
Experimental Study of Bilateral Cooperation Under a Political Conflict: The Case of Israelis and Palestinians
Working Paper No. 1

Christian Weyand:
Why Political Elites Support Governmental Transparency. Self-Interest, Anticipation of Voters' Preferences or Socialization?
Working Paper No. 2

Julian Conrads / Bernd Irlenbusch / Tommaso Reggiani / Rainer Michael Rilke / Dirk Sliwka:
How to Hire Helpers? Evidence From a Field Experiment
Working Paper No. 3

Bernd Irlenbusch / Rainer Michael Rilke:
(Public) Good Examples - On the Role of Limited Feedback in Voluntary Contribution Games
Working Paper No. 4