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Working Paper Series

Welcome to the CGS „Working Paper Series.” This series offers you an opportunity to present your research at an early stage and the chance to obtain academic feedback. To submit a paper, please contact us at office-cgs(at)wiso.uni-koeln.de.  In addition, we request an informal email from your supervisor supporting the publication of this particular paper.

Note: Quotation and reproduction of the whole or any parts of a paper without the permission of the authors is not permitted. The copyright of a paper belongs exclusively to the author/s.

2017 (Volume 8)

Lea Petters / Marina Schröder:
Justification as a Key Determinant of the Success of Affirmative Action
Working Paper No. 1

2016 (Volume 7)

Katharina Laske / Marina Schröder:
Quantity, Quality, and Originality: The Effects of Incentives on Creativity
Working Paper No. 1

2015 (Volume 6)

Heike Hennig-Schmidt / Gari Walkowitz:
Negotiations among Chinese and Germans - An Experimental Case Study
Working Paper No. 1

Bernd Irlenbusch / Janna Ter Meer:
Lying in public good games with and without punishment
Working Paper No. 2

Julian Conrads / Tommaso Reggiani / Rainer Michael Rilke:
Reducing Ambiguity in Lotteries: That Knowing is Better than Wondering
Working Paper No. 3

Gary E. Bolton / David J. Kusterer / Johannes Mans:
Inflated reputations: Uncertainty, leniency & moral wiggle room in trader feedback systems
Working Paper No. 4

Bernd Irlenbusch / David J. Saxler:
Social responsibility in market interaction
Working Paper No. 5

Michèle Belot / Marina Schröder:
Remember Me? A Field Study on Memory Biases in Academia
Working Paper No. 6

2013 (Volume 4)

Sebastian J. Goerg / Jan Meise / Gari Walkowitz / Eyal Winter:
Experimental Study of Bilateral Cooperation Under a Political Conflict: The Case of Israelis and Palestinians
Working Paper No. 1

Christian Weyand:
Why Political Elites Support Governmental Transparency. Self-Interest, Anticipation of Voters' Preferences or Socialization?
Working Paper No. 2

Julian Conrads / Bernd Irlenbusch / Tommaso Reggiani / Rainer Michael Rilke / Dirk Sliwka:
How to Hire Helpers? Evidence From a Field Experiment
Working Paper No. 3

Bernd Irlenbusch / Rainer Michael Rilke:
(Public) Good Examples - On the Role of Limited Feedback in Voluntary Contribution Games
Working Paper No. 4