Supply Chain Management

Track Coordinator: Ulrich Thonemann

Participating Professors: Horst Tempelmeier, Ulrich Thonemann, Werner Delfmann

The SCM track equips Ph.D. students with the tools that are necessary for conducting research in Supply Chain Management and related fields, such as production planning and purchasing. Depending on the preferences of the student, mathematical, empirical or experimental concentrations can be chosen. The course portfolio includes methodological classes as well as classes that illustrate the applications of the methods for analyzing and optimizing real world problems. The courses equip students with the tools necessary to conduct rigor research. The SCM area collaborates with various cooperations and to ensure that the research topics are highly relevant and that the results can make a difference in reality.

Mandatory Courses
Supply Chain Operations (SCM &MSIII)ST12
 Bestandsmanagement und dynamische Losgrößenplanung (in German)ST6


Elective Courses
PhD Course in Supply Chain Managementevery two years 6
Modellierung und Simulation (MOSI)every two years 6
Algorithmen zur linearen und diskreten Optimierung (ALDO)every three semesters6
Parallele Algorithmen (LI)every two years6
Advanced Applied Econometrics WT6
Experimentelle Wirtschaftsforschungtba6
Advanced Game TheoryWT6
Einführung in die Mathematik des Operations ResearchST9

Note: One additional course may be chosen from the list of all other tracks.


Research Seminars
Brown Bag Seminar SCMweekly participation during PhD studies
Research Seminar "Design & Behavior" weekly participation during PhD studies



We expect that participants have a Master in Business, Economics, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science or related fields.

In particular we expect that the following courses have been attended:

  • Optimization Approaches
  • Supply Chain Management or Operations Management