Macroeconomics and Public Economics

Track Coordinator: Martin Barbie

Participating Professors: Martin Barbie, Felix Bierbrauer, Helge Braun, Oliver Gürtler, Peter Funk, David Jaeger, Michael Krause, Susanne Prantl, Andreas Schabert

In the track Macroeconomics and Public Economics, PhD students interested in the areas macroeconomics, public economics and related fields are given a profound training in the theory, numerical methods and empirics underlying these areas, building on a first-year training in graduate economics. The track offers a wide range of possibilities for specialization, both on a methodological level and with regard to content. The goal is to enable the PhD students to produce high-quality research in their PhD thesis and prepare them for a research oriented career in academics or industry.

Mandatory Courses
Completion of Core Program in Economics (for instance, Adv. Macroeconomics I and II)
Reading Group in Macroeconomics and Public EconomicsWT/ST

 One additional course may be chosen from the list of all other tracks.

 One additional course may be chosen from the list of all other tracks

 One additional course may be chosen from the list of all other tracks

Mandatory Electives
Public Economics and Mechanism DesignST6
Monetary Theory and Policy WT6
Heterogenous Agent ModelsWT6
Ideas, Innovation and GrowthWT6
Advanced Industrial OrganisationWT6
Panel Data EconometricsST6
Advanced Taxation TheoryST6


(Additonal courses can be taken provided the track coordinator has agreed to)

Research Seminars
CMR Research Seminar
  • regular participation fpr the duration of the PhD program
  • a minimum of one presentation during the PhD program
Presentation Workshop
  • regular participation during the PhD program
  • a minimum of two presentations during the PhD program

Core Program in Economics (Advanced Micro, Macro, Econometrics  (one year each), Adv.Math (one semester)