Information Systems

Track Coordinator:Christoph Rosenkranz


Participating Professors:Jörn Grahl, Werner Mellis, Christoph Rosenkranz, Detlef Schoder


The Information Systems Track (IS) equips Ph.D. students with the tools that are necessary for conducting research in Information Systems. The track offers an interdisciplinary perspective for analyzing real world problems and designing solutions with respect to digitalization and information technology-related phenomena. Depending on the preferences of the student, behavioral science-oriented (empiricial experimental) or design-oriented (engineering, formalisms) specializations can be chosen. The course portfolio includes fundamental classes (e.g. research design) as well as methodological classes (e.g. qualitative, quantitative, or design-oriented methods).


MandatoryCycleECTSResponsible Person
The Scientific Method in Information Systems ResearchST6Rosenkranz
Research Quality in Information Systems ResearchWT6Rosenkranz
Schwerpunktmodul Research Information Systems Research (Adv.)6various


Courses on an irregular basis


CourseCycleECTSResponsible Person
Qualitative Research Methods & Tools in Information Systems ResearchIrregular6N.N.
Quantitative Research Methods & Tools in Information Systems ResearchIrregular6N.N.
Engineering and Design-oriented Research in Information Systems ResearchIrregular6N.N.
PhD Course in Information Systems ResearchIrregular6N.N.
Fundamentals of Writing IS Research ArticlesIrregular6N.N.



CourseCycleECTSResponsible Person
Behavioral Economic TheoryST6Alós-Ferrer
Advanced Experimental EconomicsWT6Sutter
Economics of Incentives in OrganizationsST6Sliwka
Economics of InnovationST6Prantl
Empirical Methods to Analyze Time Series and Cross-Section DataWT6Breitung
Generalized Linear Modelsirregular6N.N.
Research Design in the Social Sciences and ManagementWT6Ellwardt
Advances in Social and Economic PsychologyST6


In addition, we recomment that students participate at least in one Research Seminar


Research SeminarCycleECTSResponsible Person
Brown Bag Seminar in Information Systems ResearchirregularnoneRosenkranz
Value Creation in a Changing Customer and Media EnvironmentnoneFischer