Microeconomics and Industrial Organziations: Institutions and Markets

Track Coordinator: Felix Höffler

Participating Professors: Felix Höffler, Axel Ockenfels, Johannes Münster, Susanne Prantl, Van Vuong,

Industrial organization (IO) analyzes and evaluates markets in which strategic interaction plays an important role. The IO track is designed for students who want to apply academic rigor to highly relevant empirical questions. The track prepares for successful careers in academia, industry, and government, e.g., in ministries, competition authorities, or regulatory bodies.


Students should chose 3 out of the following courses:

Industrial Economics (Adv.)WT6

Empirical Industrial Organization (Adv.)

Theory of Regulation (Adv.)ST6Höffler
Empirical Dynamic Models in IO (Adv.)ST6Vuong


Furthermore, students should select one of the three courses:

Advanced Econometrics: Microeconometrics ST6
Panel Data AnalysisST6Breitung
Spezialgebiete der ÖkonometrieWT6Liesenfeld

And one course out of the following: 


Economic EngineeringWT6Ockenfels
Economic ModelingWT6Bierbrauer
Economics of InnovationST6Prantl
Mechanism Design & Public GoodsST6Bierbrauer
Auction TheoryST6


Additional Offers:


Research Seminar in Applied MicroeconomicsST and WT
Reading Group in IOST6Höffler, Münster, Vuong

We expect that participants have a Master in


Economics or related fields.

In particular we require that the participant has attended the following (or similar) course:

  • Advanced Microeconomics (Johannes Münster)