Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it obligatory for research assistants (wiss. MA) or CGS-fellows to follow a track?

No. You may either register for a track or chose courses from the CGS-course list.

  • Is it possible to take courses of other tracks?

In general, yes. However, you are advised to contact the track coordinator of the respective track you have chosen to find out whether this is allowed.

  • Does the regular CGS course program of PhD courses continue?


  • Where do I register for a track?

If you are CGS-fellow, please register with the CGS-administration.

For research assistants or non-CGS fellows, please register with the respective track coordinator.

  •   How many mandatory or elective courses do I have to take within a track in order to have the five necessary PhD courses according to the Doctorate Regulation (Promotionsordnung)?

According to the Doctoral Rules of 2008, you have to take five courses in total; the new regulations (2015) require a minimum number of 30 ECTS. Doctoral courses are those listed on the CGS homepage or listed in KLIPS under "Doktorandenkurse".  Note: For CGS-fellows, research seminars do not count as one of the required five courses.