Design & Behavior: Behavioral Economics and Management

Track Coordinator: Carlos Alós-Ferrer


Participating Professors: Carlos Alós-Ferrer, Felix Bierbrauer, Bernd Irlenbusch, Johannes Münster, Axel Ockenfels, Bettina Rockenbach, Dirk Sliwka, Matthias Sutter, Ulrich Thonemann, Alexander Westkamp


The key aim of the track "Behavioral Economics and Management" is to train PhD students in the emerging field of Behavioral Economic Design, i.e. the science of designing real-world institutions, rules, and mechanisms applying fundamental insight and methods from (behavioral) Microeconomics. The central research challenge is to design mechanisms that align individual behavior within and across firms to create economic and social value. Students receive an in-depth training in Microeconomic theory, Experimental and Behavioral Economics and Applied Econometrics.They attend the weekly research seminar "Design and Behavior" and present their own work in the "Research Seminar in Applied Microeconomics."

Note: In addition, to the courses mentioned above, we will offer courses "Topics in Design and Behavior" taught by our International Faculty  Peter Cramton,  Elena Katok, and  Gary Bolton.

Prerequisites: We expect that participants have a Master in Economics, Business, Psychology, or a related field. In particular we expect students to have a sufficient background in Probablity and Statistical Interference and Microeconomics.




MandatoryCycleECTSResponsible Person
Advanced Experimental EconomicsWT6Sutter
Advanced Microeconomics IIST6Alós-Ferrer
Behavioral Economic TheoryST6Alós-Ferrer
Advanced Applied EconometricsWT12Badunenko


In addition, students need to take at least two out of these Electives:


ElectivesCycleECTSResponsible Person
Econometrics of Panel Datatba6Breitung
Economic EngineeringWT6Ockenfels
Economic ModellingWT6Bierbrauer
Economics of Incentives in OrganizationsST6Sliwka
Behavioral EthicsST6Irlenbusch
Mechanism Design & Public GoodsST6Bierbrauer
Auction TheoryST6Wambach
Advanced Micro IWT6Münster
Behavioral OperationsST6


Topics in Design and Behavior A-DST/WT6International Faculty

 Additional Offers:


CourseCycleECTSResponsible Person
Paper Workshop in Experimental EconomicsST, WTRockenbach
Research Seminar, DFG Research Unit "Design and Behavior"ST, WTnoneOckenfels,
Research Seminar in Applied MicroeconomicsST, WTnoneSliwka,
Topics in Design and Behavior A-DtbanoneInternational Faculty