Comparative Politics

Coordinator: André Kaiser

Participating Professors: André Kaiser, Lea Ellwardt, Christine Trampusch

This track brings together two strands in comparative politics: comparative political institutions, i.e. the study of causes and effects of individual institutions and institutional regimes, and comparative political economy, i.e. the interrelations between economic, social and political action. Advanced substantive courses are combined with a broad range of methods and research design courses. Our main aim is thus to deepen participants's understanding of theories and methods in the analaysis of political and socio-economic institutions.

Mandatory Courses
Adv. MSc
Research Design and Research Logic in Comparative PoliticsST6yes, but not mandatory
Comparative Politics and EuropeanizationWT6yes, but not mandatory


Adv. MSc
Comparative Political InstitutionsWT and ST6yes, but not mandatory
Comparitive Political EconomyST6yes, but not mandatory
Qualitative Comparative AnalysisST6no
Case StudiesWT6no
Game TheoryWT6no


Research Seminars
Adv. MSc
Comparative Politicsparticipation mandatory, at least two presentations during PhD studies no



We expect that participants have a Master in Political Science or related fields.

In particular we expect that the following courses have been attended

  • introductory and intermediate level courses in comparative politics
  • introductory courses in both qualitative and quantitative methods
Students from other fields can still follow these courses within the program