Course Program

The core element of the Graduate School is a compulsory interdisciplinary course program consisting of courses on multidisciplinary methods and theories as well as subject-specific courses.


Research Seminars allowing students to present their papers are also part of the program. In addition, soft skill courses on "Academic Writing", "Teaching Skills", etc. will be offered.


CGS offers a broad number of doctoral courses in all areas of the WiSo Faculty. PhD courses in core research areas of the Faculty are organized in Research Tracks. Beyond the research tracks PhD students can choose from a broad number of PhD courses.

For general doctoral regulations consult §5 Paragraph 1 of the doctorate regulations 2008 ( PDF Promotionsordnung 2008)  and the new regulations of PDF  2015 of the WiSo-Faculty. 

Each track defines a set of mandatory and elective courses as well as prerequisites. A key prerequisite in all tracks is that students have completed a Master’s program having taken part in advanced courses in their respective field. Mandatory courses build on these prerequisites.

Currently, we offer the following tracks:










Students in areas currently not covered by a research track, can choose from a list other PhD courses in the areas of our Faculty. For courses in the current term see  KLIPS (Cologne Course Directory). An overview of all doctoral courses you can also find PDF here. Please note:The list published here merely informs you about all seminars, courses, etc. specifically offered for PhDs. To acquire a CGS  certificate (Promotionsordnung §5) you still need to attend a seminar with ECTS credits and take some sort of exam.


On the the respective track pages you can find all necessary information as well as on the FAQ page.