CGS Track Economics

The track in Economics offers an internationally competitive PhD program in Economics. Compulsory and comprehensive courses in advanced microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, and mathematics provide students with a rigorous methodological foundation and a broad training to pursue research in any area of economics. Field specializations subsequently allow students to focus their research interests annd benefit from the Faculty's particular areas of expertise.

Note: Please note that the course program below is still subject to final approval by the respective boards of both the WiSo-Faculty and the University.


Phase I: Courses




PhD-level core courses

  • Advanced Microeconomics I & II
  • Advanced Macroeconomics I & II
  • 2 courses in Advanced Econometrics
  • Advanced Mathematics for Economists

Year II


Completion of Master’s thesis and courses in at least one and up to two of the following fields

  • Economic Design and Behavior
  • Markets and Institutions
  • Growth, Cycles and Inequality
  • Macroeconomics, Money and Financial Markets
  • Public Economics
  • Statistics and Econometrics



Note: In addition, students can chose from a wide range of courses offered in specialized areas of Economics and Econometrics, Business Administration, Sociology and Political Science according to their research interest.


Phase II: Dissertation

  • Option of Additional Courses (Academic Skills, etc.)
  • Research Seminars and Workshops
  • Attendance of International Conferences
  • Completion of your dissertation


Further details for the application process are found here.