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Research Track Economics

The Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences offers an internationally competitive Research Track within our Master program in Economics, providing graduate course work at the doctoral level. It is open to any student in the Master program in Economics who is interested in a structured fast track that prepares well for the pursuit of a research-oriented PhD in economics. The program language is English.For extensive information see also


What we offer

  • Close supervision by and frequent feedback from faculty members
  • Mentoring by a senior graduate student (second year)
  • Participation in the faculty’s research seminars
  • Potential cooperation with one of the Faculty’s research groups
  • A certificate upon completion of the doctoral course program.


Phase I: Course Program




PhD-level core courses

  • PhD-level core courses
    • Microeconomics I & II (RT)
    • Macroeconomics I & II (RT)
    • Econometrics I & II (RT)
    • Mathematics (RT)
2-3 Elective Field Courses (from adjoining fields)



Elective field courses chosen from the following fields:

  • Economic Design and Behavior
  • Markets and Institutions
  • Growth, Labor and Inequality
  • Macroeconomics, Money and Financial Markets
  • Public Economics
  Master's thesis

Note: in addition students can chose from a wide range of courses offered in specialized areas of Economics and Econometrics, Business Administration and Political Science according to their research interest.



  • Admission to the Master program in Economics
  • Registration to the Research Track.
  • Conferral of a Research Track Certificate requires completion of the Master in Economics including the Research Track Core Courses Mathematics, Microeconomics I and II, Macroeconomics I and II, Econometrics I and II (see below).



  • Registration is open to any interested student after admission to the Master program in Economics at the University of Cologne (For the Master’s application, please click here).
  • For registration at the office of the Program Director of the M.Sc. Economics, the CMR office. 
  • The best time to register is of course before the start of the first term.  Registration remains possible throughout the first year of your master studies.


For any questions concerning the Research Track, please contact the CMR office.