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2015 (Volume 6)

Heike Hennig-Schmidt / Gari Walkowitz:
Negotiations among Chinese and Germans - An Experimental Case Study
Working Paper No. 1

Bernd Irlenbusch / Janna Ter Meer:
Lying in public good games with and without punishment
Working Paper No. 2

Julian Conrads / Tommaso Reggiani / Rainer Michael Rilke:
Reducing Ambiguity in Lotteries: That Knowing is Better than Wondering
Working Paper No. 3

Gary E. Bolton / David J. Kusterer / Johannes Mans:
Inflated reputations: Uncertainty, leniency & moral wiggle room in trader feedback systems
Working Paper No. 4

Bernd Irlenbusch / David J. Saxler:
Social responsibility in market interaction
Working Paper No. 5

Michèle Belot / Marina Schröder:
Remember Me? A Field Study on Memory Biases in Academia
Working Paper No. 6