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2012 (Volume 3)

Stefan Erdorf / Thomas Hartmann-Wendels / Nicolas Heinrichs / Michael Matz:
Corporate Diversification and Firm Value: A Survey of Recent Literature
Working Paper No. 1

Philipp Doerrenberg / Denvil Duncan / Clements Fuest / Andreas Peichl:
Nice guys finish last: are people with higher tax morale taxed more heavily?
Working Paper No. 2

Jan Klobucnik / Daniel Kreutzmann / Soenke Sievers / Stefan Kanne:
To buy or not to buy?The value of contradictory analyst signals
Working Paper No. 3

Felix Ebeling / Christoph Feldhaus / Johannes Fendrich:
Follow the Leader of Follow Anyone - Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment.
Working Paper No. 4

Philipp Doerrenberg / Andreas Peichl:
The Impact of Redistributive Policies on Inequality in OECD Countries.
Working Paper No. 5

Oliver Grothe / Volodymyr Korniichuk / Hans Manner:
Modeling Multivariate Extreme Events Using Self-Exciting Point Processes.
Working Paper No. 6

Felix Kölle:
Heterogeneity and Cooperation in Privileged Groups: The Role of Capability and Valuation on Public Goods Provision.
Working Paper No. 8

Katrin Breuer / Patrick Kampkötter:
Do Employees Reciprocate to Intra-Firm Trainings? An Analysis of Absenteeism and Turnover Rates
Working Paper No. 9

Philipp Dörrenberg / Denvil Duncan:
Experimental Evidence on the Relationship between Tax Evasion Opportunities and Labor Supply
Working Paper No. 10

Bernd Irlenbusch / Janna Ter Meer
Fooling the Nice Guys: The effect of lying about contributions on public good provision and punishment
Working Paper No. 11

Patrick Kampkötter
Determinants of Compensation in the Financial Services Industry
Working Paper No. 12

Anastasia Danilov / Torsten Biemann / Thorn Kring / Dirk Sliwka:
The dark side of team incentives: Experimental evidence on advice quality from financial service professionals
Working Paper No. 13

Volodymyr Korniichuk:
Forecasting extreme electricity spot prices
Working Paper No. 14