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Marc Fischer, Board Member

A Board Member since 2012, Marc Fischer joined the Faculty in 2011 as Director of the Department of Marketing and Marketing Research. His research interests include conceptual and empirical research that demonstrates the marketing impact on bottom-line result and firm value; marketing-mix optimization; brand management and market response models/econometric modelling.

Marc Fischer studied Management at the University of Mannheim with a focus on Production Management, Controlling and English/American Studies. He graduated with a PhD from Mannheim and obtained his qualification as professor at the University of Kiel. Being called by both the Instituto de Empresa (Madrid) and the University of Passau he joined the latter in 2007. Interrupting his academic career from 2001 to 2002 he became a Consultant with McKinsey & Company.

Professor Fischer is a regular guest researcher at the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA,Member of the Advisory Council of the Marketing Accountability Standards Board, Chicaco and Member of the Academic Board of the Zentrum für Markenmanagement and Marketing.