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Admissions (PhD Fellowships)

Applicants for a PhD scholarship are admitted by the Board of CGS based on their grades, expertise and availability of a potential supervisor. For more information, please click here.

Applicants for a regular PhD are admitted by the Chair advertising the position. For more information on this option, please click here.

Applicants for both options should also familiarize themselves with the new Doctoral Rules.


Eligibility (for Scholarships)

To be admitted, students must hold a Master’s Degree or a Diploma in a discipline relevant to the curriculum and research interests of CGS. Relevant disciplines are Economics, Management, Finance, Social/Political Sciences, Energy Economics/Policy, Econometrics/Statistics and related fields. First time Fellowship in Matching and Market Design:If you intend to work on topics related to Matching Market Design you may also apply for a special scholarship under the supervision of Alexander Westkamp. Candidates must have a proven record of academic excellence and belong to the top 10% in their respective field.


Fellows receive a monthly stipend of EUR 1.365 for three years. After that period, we will help you get subsequent funding if necessary.  No tuition is charged. Note: Please note that fellows are required to pay for their health insurance out of this sum. Following a successful evaluation after the first year, fellowships will be extended for another two years. A full PhD program runs for approximately four to five years.  Extension of fellowships beyond this period is not possible. Fellowships are tax-free. Students will have office-space within the CGS department, full access to all libraries and other university institutions and additional funds for participation in conferences, summer schools, etc.


Students submit their doctoral thesis in German or English to the Department of Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Cologne. The degree awarded is a German “Dr. rer. pol.”

Academic Advisors

During the program, doctoral students are advised by a member of the CGS-faculty. Applicants are strongly advised to consult the list of faculty prior to their application to ensure potential supervision once accepted. Once accepted, students are asked to find a supervisor no later than by the end of their first year of studies.

Application Schedule

The application period for the program beginning in October  starts on December 15 of the year before and will close on March 15 of the following year at midnight. Interviews will be conducted in April and, given complete applications, during the application period via SKYPE.