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Course Program in Economics

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There are two ways of doctoral studies in Economics.

1. Integrated Graduate Program at the CGS-E

The Cologne Graduate School of Economics (CGS-E) is part of the Cologne Graduate School (CGS) in Management, Economics, and Social Sciences. The CGS-E offers an integrated graduate program in Economics: a doctoral (Ph.D.) program with an integrated M.Sc. Economic Research. In the first stage of the CGS-E graduate program students complete their graduate level course work in a 2-years M.Sc. Economic Research program. Upon successful graduation, students enter the second (dissertation) stage. For more information regarding the program, the application process and funding please see the website of the CGS-E.

2. Non-integrated Doctoral Program

Each doctoral student is required to accumulate a minimum of 30 credit points. First and foremost, you should consult with your supervisor about your choice of courses. An overview of all doctoral courses you can find here.  Note, that  we do not offer any scholarships for this track in economics.