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2010 (Volume 1)

Stefan Erdorf / Nicolas Heinrichs:
 Co-movement of Fundamentals: Structural Changes in the Business Cycle?
Working Paper No. 1

Mathias Dolls / Clemens Fuest / Andreas Peichl:
 Automatic Stabilizers and Economic Crisis: US vs. Europe
Working Paper No. 2

Eva Hoppe / David Kusterer:
 Behavioral biases and cognitive reflection
Working Paper No. 3

Eva Hoppe / David Kusterer:
 Conflicting Tasks and Moral Hazard: Theory and Experimental Evidence
Working Paper No. 4

Jan-Erik Lönnqvist / Markku Verkasalo / Gari Walkowitz:
 It pays to pay – Big Five personality influences on co-operative behaviour in an incentivized and hypothetical prisoner's dilemma game
Working Paper No. 5

Philipp Doerrenberg / Andreas Peichl:
 Progressive Taxation and Tax Morale
Working Paper No. 6

Dominik Becker:
 The Impact of Teachers' Expectations on Students' Educational Opportunities in the Life Course
Working Paper No. 7