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Dr. Christiane Nieß

  • Christiane Nieß


Research Interests

Personality, Human Resource Management, Career Development

Publications and Work in Progress

  • Nieß, C. & Biemann, T. (2014) The Role of Risk Propensity in predicting self-employment. Journal of Applied Psychology, 99(5), 100-1009.
  • Klehe, U.-C., Kleinmann, M., Nieß, C., Meisel, J. (2014). Impression Management Behavior in Assesssment Centers: Artificial Behavior or Much Ado about Nothing? Human Performance, 27(1), 1-24.
  • De Haan, E., & Nieß, C. (2014). Critical Moments. Training Journal 1, 65-69.
  • Nieß, C. Biemann, T. & Lux, V. (2013). Auswahl von Trainees für ein Nachwuchsführungskräfteprogramm. In H. Weckmüller (Ed.), Exzellenz im Personalmanagement (S. 236-243). Freiburg: Haufe.
  • Nieß, C., Biemann, T., & Lux, V. (2012). Auswahl und Entwicklung von Nachwuchsführungskräften im Pflegebereich. PERSONALquarterly, 64(4), 26 - 27.
  • De Haan, E. & Nieß, C. (2012). Critical Moments in a coaching case study: Illustration of a process research model, Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Reaearch, 64(3), 198 – 224.
  • De Haan, E. & Nieß, C. (2011). Change through executive coaching. Training Journal, 7, 66 - 70.
  • De Haan, Ec. & Nieß, C. (2011). Altered images. Coaching at Work, 6 (4), 34 - 37.

Research Statement

My research is concerned with the interplay between personality traits and career transitions, such as the relationship between risk propensity and self-employment or between locus of control and reemployment. My research furthermore focusses on different areas of Human Resource Management, such as personnel selection and development.


Torsten Biemann

Conferences and Presentations

December 2013

27th Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference, Hobart

Nieß, C. & Biemann, T. (2013). The interplay between locus of control and reemployment.

May 2013

16th Congress of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology

Nominated for the Best Paper Award

Nieß, C. & Biemann, T. (2013). The interplay between risk propensity and entrepreneurship. In G. Hertel, C. Binneweis, S. Krumm, H. Holling, & M., Kleinmann (Eds.), Abstract proceedings of the 16th EAWOP Congress 2013 (p. 871).

November 2012

8th Arbeitskreis Assessment Center Rehearsal and Conference, Potsdam

Winner of the Master Thesis Award:

Nieß, C. (2012). Viel Lärm um nichts: Wie sich das Impression Management von Bewerbern im Assessment Center auf Leistungsbeurteilungen auswirkt.

July 2011

Keynote Speaker at the 1st European Mentoring and Coaching Council Research Conference, Twente (Netherlands)

Nieß, C. & de Haan, E. (2011). Change through executive coaching: the organization stakeholders' perspective. In I. O'Donocan & D. Megginson (Eds.), 1st European Mentoring and Coaching Council Research Conference (pp.36 - 41).


Additional Academic Experience

August 2013 - December 2013Research Stay at The University of Queensland, Australia

March 2012
- present

Research Assistant at the Chair of Personnel Economics and Human Resource Management at the University of
March 2012
- March 2013

Train the Trainer Certificate at the Institute for the development of personal and interpersonal competencies (INeKO), University of Cologne

February 2011

Research internship (Executive Coaching) at the Ashridge Business School