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Dr. Istemi Berk

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests

Economics of Upstream Oil Industry, Depletion of Resources, Energy Transitions

Publications and Work in Progress

Energy Prices and Economic Growth in the Long Run: Theory and Evidence (with H. Yetkiner). Izmir University of Economics, Department of Economics Working Paper No. 13/03.

Crude Oil Price Shocks and Stock Returns: Evidence from Turkish Stock Market under Global Liquidity Conditions (with Berna Aydogan), EWI Working Paper, No. 12/15.

Crude Oil Import Policy of Turkey: Historical Analysis of Determinants and Implications since 1968. (with Volkan S. Ediger) Energy Policy, 39 (4), 2011, 2132-2142.


Research Statement

My primary area of research is economics of upstream (production and exploration) oil industry. More specifically, structure of technological innovations in upstream oil industry and their impacts on market output constitute my recent research agenda. I am currently working theoretically on the interrelation between R&D rivalry and output market structure in oil industry with a specific concentration on barrier-to-entry issue.


Felix Höffler

Conferences and Presentations


Aydogan, B., Berk, I., 2010. Impacts of Oil Price Shocks on Turkish Financial System around Global Financial Crisis; Evidence from Istanbul Stock Exchange. Proceedings of 33rd IAEE International Conference, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.


Berk, I., 2010. Impacts of Financial Regulations on Crude Oil Market; Evidence from USA WTI Crude Market. Proceedings of 6th International Student Conference, Izmir University of Economics, Izmir, Turkey


Berk, I., 2009. Impacts of Financial Derivatives Market on Oil Price Volatility. Proceedings of 10th IAEE European Conference, Vienna, Austria.


Berk, I., Aktan, D., 2009. The Chess Board: Turkey as the Bridging Shah. Proceedings of 13th International Conference of Young Scholars, Prague, Czech Republic.


  • Member of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE)