Each year CGS awards up to 10 scholarships to excellent students (among the top 10% of their year) with a Master/Dipl. degree or close to finishing their degree. These students will enter a focused, intensive three-year program leading to a PhD (Dr. rer. pol). It is the expressed purpose of this intensive program to educate excellent researchers and teachers who, after obtaining their degree, will mainly stay in academia.

Note “EWI-Scholarship”:  If your doctoral research focus lies in the field of applied industrial economics (theoretical or empirical), regulatory economics, modelling of energy markets (optimization, methods of numerical simulation), environmental economics, or energy trading, you may also apply for a scholarship at the Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne (EWI). After the first year at the CGS you will join the second and third year at the EWI ( The rest of the program, the qualifications needed, the procedure and the scholarship itself are the same as mentioned below.

Scholars will work closely with their individual academic supervisor from the very beginning of their studies, participate in research seminars that enable them to discuss their ongoing projects and have ample opportunities to attend international summer schools and conferences. Furthermore, CGS provides them with office space and administrative support.

Scholarships amount to EUR 1.200 a month for the duration of three years and are limited to a three-year period. Note: Please note, that fellows are required to pay for health-insurance out of this amount.